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A Centralized Solution For Standard Measurement



Predict is a feature to be used post-diagnosis that will assist clinicians as they tailor treatment plans based on the needs of each unique child.



Monitor is a feature to be used throughout the duration of treatment to assess changes in a child’s skills and symptoms as a result of intervention.

Who Can Benefit?



Our software solutions provide parents, caregivers, and families the ability to complete the assessment process from their own home and on their own time. By clicking a link sent to their email, the parent informant will have instant access to their assessment package, designed by their child’s clinician. Parents are walked through every step to ensure successful completion. With no additional responsibility or difficult to navigate steps required.


Third Party Payers

Our software solutions are designed to support cost effective care delivery by assisting clinicians in effectively tailoring treatment plans and by providing skill and symptom progress monitoring in order to optimize care options.



Our software solutions are designed to reduce clinical burden by automating the assessment workflow, providing clear and concise reports, and assisting in the longitudinal tracking of symptom and skill progression.

How It Works


Clinician Designs Assessment Package

The clinician can select from the battery of questionnaires that are developed to cover key domains of symptoms and functioning relevant to neurodevelopmental disability and child mental health.


Parent Completes Questionnaires

Each questionnaire is intended for completion by the parent/guardian of a child age 2-17, allowing them to indicate the skill and symptom level of their child.


Clinician Receives Report

The clinician will receive a notification email when there are completed assessment packages for review. This notification will prompt the clinician to log into the portal to access, review and export the system generated report.

What I like most about Autism Analytica is the fact that now we have a comprehensive way of assessing deficits seen by the BCBA but also by the parents. It paints a more accurate picture of where the child is standing.

Diana Achim, Clinical Supervisor

Autism Analytica provides our families with important additional insight, guidance and information for their child and their child's medical team!

Dr. Tracy Burton, As You Are Physician

I appreciate how prepared you all were as well as the level of customer service you've provided. It has made moving to next steps very easy. Thank you.

VP of Quality Assurance

Autism Analytica