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Send up to 10 different questionnaires to patients

Automatically score responses and receive customizable recommendations for individual treatment plans

Plot patient responses to treatment graphically over time to understand development and intervention response

What is Virtual IPM?

Virtual IPM is an online platform that is capable of collecting, scoring and reporting up to ten (10) parent-report neurobehavioral questionnaires. Our platform is designed to reduce the time, workflow and cost burdens associated with the ASD and neurodevelopmental assessment processes. Our data driven approach is aimed at improving clinician confidence and quality of care.

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Product Features


Questionnaire Measures

The ten (10) questionnaires have been developed and validated for use with children ages 2-17. Each measure has been designed to address domains and subdomains with high relevance to ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, covering a broad range of symptoms and functioning. The Virtual IPM battery of measures shows strong functional equivalency with existing commonly-used measures.

For more details pertinent to each of the Virtual IPM measures click here.

Assessment Scheduling

The clinician will be able to select either a standard, extended or custom assessment package, then confirm the delivery email address of the patient’s parent/informant who will be completing the assessment(s). At this time the clinician will be prompted to select the delivery date, with the ability to send the same day or a selected future date.

Digitization of Traditionally Paper-based Assessments

ASD assessments are typically performed on paper-based assessments. Virtual IPM digitizes the delivery via email to parents and teachers. Scoring and responses are stored and easily accessible in the system. This saves significant assessment and report-building time for clinics.

Automated Scoring and Report Building

After the parent/informant completes the assessment package, the Virtual IPM platform will send an email notification to the clinician to prompt them to sign in and review the report. In order to streamline the information, and optimize the clinician workflow, the platform will automatically generate a breakdown of developmental scores and standard scores with confidence intervals for each measure as well as its subdomains. These will also be presented visually; plotted on a cross-sectional figure against a color-coded background that represents the relevant descriptive code. After 3 completed assessment packages, the clinician will also see a longitudinal plot of the assessment scores with their associated completion dates.

Recommendations and Treatment Targets

As a clinical-decision support system, Virtual IPM uses the parent/informant given assessment answers to map recommendations and treatment targets that are built into the platform based on peer reviewed literature.

As part of the report review process, the clinician will have the ability to toggle these recommendations and targets on or off at their discretion, based on what they feel is most clinically relevant to each individual patient’s journey.

For more details pertinent to the recommendations and treatment targets for each Virtual IPM measure, please click here.

Product Screenshots

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