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RethinkBH Announces Integration and Seamless Access to Autism Analytica

Autism Analytica, a neurodevelopmental assessment software company, has partnered with Rethink Behavioral Health (RethinkBH), part of RethinkFirst, to integrate its Virtual IPM assessment into RethinkBH’s platform for ABA and pediatric therapy providers. This integration makes RethinkBH the exclusive clinical platform offering access to Autism Analytica’s assessment tools, enhancing workflow, operational efficiency, and providing research-based tools for tracking patient outcomes.

This collaboration is the first of its kind in the new RethinkBH Marketplace, which allows clients to access various specialized tools without leaving the RethinkBH platform. The Virtual IPM system, which uses norm-referenced parent questionnaires, aids in treatment planning, progress monitoring, and meeting medical necessity criteria for health plans.

Autism Analytica